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  1. Strawberry Slush – ( Strawberry Sugar Cookies x Hazy Kush )

This cross is one of our favorites! I’ve never released Strawberry Sugar Cookies to the public, I have  kind of kept her hidden for the most part doing secret projects with her. Well…. the time has come to release her cross to the world! she is a truly special variety containing some true Afghani genetics in her genome. Her yield is 100% solid dense colas covered and smothered in thick layers of trichomes. She is extremely vigorous and carries a hybrid body bud grows and flowers like an indica leaner creating a really heavy harvest! Her terpenes literally smells like strawberry fruit roll ups mixed with a sugary strawberry margarita!

We needed to match the caliber of Strawberry Slush if we were goin to cross her into another variety, so we decided to use the beautiful Hazy Kush! Thanks to John from GreenBodhi / GreenBodhi Genetics we were able to use this amazing plant to cross into our Strawberry Slush! He sent us pure feminized pollen from his breeder cut of Hazy Kush and we took care of the rest! Hazy Kush is a well yielding, pineapple and haze stinking variety that’s covered in trichome production over her beautiful heavy colas!

As you can see these 2 varieties pair really well together and the outcome only screams delicious. This cross is the real deal and if you are not grabbing these your definitely missing out… so don’t miss out!

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